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Steven Hislop, Director

Steven became a partner in the business in November 2009 where he previously worked for Spex Opticians for 3 years. Steven is most notably in the front of the shop where he has built up a rewarding reputation with all patients and campaigns tirelessly for the testing of children's eyes as he sees them as our future and feels that they are not being properly tested at schools and nurseries.
Prior to this, Steven was a professional football player listing East Stirlingshire, Ross County, Inverness Caledonian Thistle, Gillingham, Livingston, Raith Rovers, Arbroath and East Fife as former clubs. He also played for Bo'ness United and Bonnyrig Rose Athletic and was formerly assistant manager at Arbroath and manager at Whitehill Welfare FC. He is now assistant manager at Broxburn Athletic FC.

Jeff Mason BSc MC Optom (Hons) LVA, Optometrist

MIguel Mudarra BSc MC Optom (Hons) IP, Optometrist

Hannah Oldfield BSc MC Optom (Hons), Optometrist


Other Information...

At The Opticians at Marchmont, we recommend that you have your eyes examined every two years or unless advised otherwise by our optometrist. There are more than 100 ways to test your eyes in the examination but we will tailor your examination to suit your individual needs.

The common misconception is that 'yes I can see, so there is no point in having my eyes examined;. This, however, is not true as not only does the eye test provide an accurate assessment of your vision but it allows us to determine the general health of your eyes and can identify early signs of eye problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Our eye exams are structured to allow us to ensure you receive the eye care you deserve to maintain the care and protection of your most valuable sense, your sight. We use the latest technology, our optometrist is always 100% trained on all current eye matters and we ensure that your visit is efficient and enjoyable.

At The Opticians at Marchmont, we do not charge for retinal photography. In fact it is our pleasure to take a photo of the inside of your eye and show and discuss this with you. This detailed image of your retina, the back of your eye, allows us to monitor the health of your eye for your future examinations.
At The Opticians at Marchmont, we would advise to start testing children from age 3 years old. If, however, you become aware of any changes in your child's vision or notice a turn in an eye or repeatedly rubbing their eyes, you should bring your child in to have their eyes examined immediately.

Our tests for kids are designed to be friendly, fun and pain-free and for those who are too young to know letters, we use picture charts and other simple methods. Early checks are invaluable as learning difficulties can sometimes be caused by uncorrected vision problems. Maintaining regular eye examinations can minimise the chance of any defects being carried into adulthood.

It is fantastic that nurseries and schools screen children's eyes, however, they are not as efficient and are not as thorough as an examination carried out by a fully qualified optometrist. Simply reading letters from a reading chart can not detect the full goings-on off the health of your child's eyes. During the first twelve years of our lives almost as much as 75% of learning is through our vision. Yet one in every four children have an undetected eye problem that may deter their learning progress. How can a young child determine they have a sight problem when they feel they have been used to it since they can remember?

We take our children to the dentists, so why do not all parents take their children to the opticians? At The Opticians at Marchmont, we ensure all our children and their parents leave smiling.
The Opticians at Marchmont has a strong affinity with football as Steven was once a full-time professional football player. As a result of this connection, we currently test football players and management staff from Heart of Midlothian FC, Hibernian FC, Raith Rovers FC and East Fife FC. We are very keen to help these teams become as best equipped, on and off the pitch. As football becomes more and more technical, we aim to take these clubs to the next level and be better than their opponents. We specialise in football goggles for boys and girls and currently sponsor Edinburgh South FC.

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